SUP-ah?! Slowmo – 01

Ooooooh what a rush…!!  For a first attempt at stabbing in the dark, I was actually on point with a fair bit of the predictions made (as contained in my earlier post “Here we goooooo (PUN-ting ahead 01) ” .  Okay, enough of the yada-yada, let’s get straight into this review.

SUP-Ah?! – PUNts

  • Chelsea v Man City (my PUNt = SCORE DRAW)
  • Okay so the eventual 0-0 scoreline is NOT a “score draw”, BUT hey I will claim the deadlock for all it’s worth.  It’s difficult to say which of these teams would be agrieved by the result, because to be fair none of them did enough to really deserve the “W”.  So all-square really does seem to be an all-fair result in this case, at the very least, besides the point gained, each team will just be glad to have bucked the possibility of extending a winless run.  Rafa had indicated that he would not just come in and rapidly put his stamp on the team, and the team tactics employed were pretty much Roberto-esque, at least from a starting line-up point of view.  So 24 hours into the job, for Gaffer-Rafa it would have been harsh to expect anything different and one player surely did oblige.  Torres (the original and ultimate “false” number-9) extended his goal drought beyond the 26 hour mark.  Not that Mancini escaped the de-javu helpings either.  After holding back the SUP-Aaaaargh Mario until the last 5 min, Baloteli still managed to earn himself a booking with 3 minutes!
  • Manchester United v QPR (my PUNt = COMFORTABLE WIN FOR UNITED)
  • Oh, how a scoreline can hide the details.  Manchester United are presently occupying the top “perch” in the EPL, BUT there was certainly very little comfort for United’s fans for great periods of this match.  With, the recently unveiled, statue of Sir Alex showing more life than his starting line-up, QPR deservadly took the lead and for the 9th time in 13 starts, United were playing catch-up.  “Why always us…?”, is what the Old Trafford faithful were probably thinking, and in 8 odd minutes United blitzed QPR with 3 quick goals and snatched another victory from the jaws of defeat.  Those jaws must be feeling rather loose each time Manchester United stage another smash-and-grab, then again it really is difficult to keep your jaw clenched shut if it is constantly left hanging in astonishment at how they just keep doing it.
  • Sunderland v West Bromwich Albion (my PUNt = A MARGINAL WIN FOR W.B.A.)
  • Speaking about Jaws that hang low in astonishment,  The Baggies present position of 3rd on the EPL log must be inspiring quite a few jaw-dropping instances.  The 4-2 result may mislead some into believing that Mr Clarke’s boys had it all their way.  BUT the actual match facts point to my afore-mentioned PUNt of a marginal win, being accurate.  They only scored their 4th goal in the 95th min, and went into the final 10 minutes of regulation time with a slender 2-1 lead.

SUP-Ah?! – Quick PUNts

  • Australia v South Africa (2nd Test).  Match was, as per my PUNt, DRAWN! I enjoyed this one the most because it surely was the most improbable of results when Australia set the Proteas a 429 run 2nd innings target with four and a half sessions in which to do it.  With the Proteas closing day 4 on 77/4 it seemed the number one ranking would be switching to Australia.  BUT A.B. Devillers and Debutant (man of the match) Du Plessis dug in and occupied their respective creases with the temerity of an unwanted peace-keeping force, that did not have an “exit strategy” in place.  Even when A.B. fell for a “mere” 33, (after holding fort for a record 220 deliveries without a boundary), Kallis BUTTressed the efforts of Du Plessis in ensuring that there was no FAFFing about.
  • I PUNted that the Bokke would WIN NARROWLY AT TWICKENHAM, and the resultant 16-15 win confirmed that.
  • Though it wasn’t the SCORE DRAW I had PUNted,  the 0-0 stalemate between Swansea and Liverpool is one that I will gladly claim.

SUP-Aaaargh!! – Quick PUNts

  • A Rodreck Mutuma Double ensured that Dynamos completed a back2back League and Cup Double, and while I was licking my wounds from the off point PUNt of Monoz Winning the Mbada Cup on penalties, the Glamour Boys’ fans were deservadly ZORA’ring butter in ah-Double’Double coats!  #MBADA-Bling-BUTTER-BOOM!
  • Then there was the drama of the F1-Brazilian GP.  I PUNted Alonso to finish ahead of Vettel (whose Red Bull will not finish the race) and Alonso to win the Driver’s Championship…in the rain.  So I got the rain right, along with Alonso finishing ahead of Vettel, BUT the first lap “clash” that should have ended Vettel’s challenge did not do significant damage and he held on for 6th place on his way to 3peating (3rd driver to do so, and now the youngest at age 26).  Aaaaaargh!! so close and yet so far!!
  • The Arsenal, Everton and Juventus failed to win as PUNted…BUT that is, in the grand scheme of things, an easier pill to swallow.

HEZV-OhMG!! Moment!

  • Real Madrid getting beaten by Real Betis???

PUNisher(s) of the Week!!

  • Sebastian Vettel (3peating as F1 drivers champ, and becoming the youngest to do so.  Fangio and Schummi are the other drivers to 3peat, and now we await to see how much more the Seba can accomplish, hopefully also in a Ferrari).
  • Rory Mcllroy emulated Luke Donald’s “wonder feat” of last season, by topping the money lists on both sides of the Atlantic.  His overall earnings for the season also eclipsed Tiger’s previous record.

#Mark-Oh-Row-Coat-Oh! / Congratulations! to those who have earned it.

Until the next PUNt, be GR8!!

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