When a Super Eagle tweets….!!!


PETER ODEMWINGIE’s Twitter rant about the saga surrounding his exclusion from the Super Eagles for AFCON 2013. I took this from the twitter account @OdemwingieP.  It is a really astonishing rant, and I for one cannot wait for the response to this.  If this is an accurate depiction of the Nigerian dressing room me thinks it really changes the opinions of many footy lovers regarding the Super Eagle’s chances of success at AFCON 2013.

*On my not inclusion to the eagles list i am not surprised. Not surprised Keshi and NFF couldn’t tell me themselves. No personality

*We talk through press hahaha how come I am the only stubborn one but no ex eagles player was sent off from the team with respect ?

*Keshi has no footballing reasons not to invite me but is not saying the truth. He s still in my plans he said haha coach u no dey my plans

*To some who wanna put mouth here please act like men. When two men talk 3rd has nothing to do. So ikpeba s and the rest talk to me face2face

*This is all a comedy and our poor fans are being fed with lies while they cutting the cake for them selves. *Nff spokesman told MTN he is arrogant ? I am arrogant ? Why did countries president threaten to close down our federation for two years ?

*Why didn’t Lagerback continue with supereagles after world cup ? Chop and run was his plan and they knew it.

*Nigerian fans voted me nigerian player of the year during world cup qualifiers & I was a spectator in the world cup and I should be quiet? *Cos after we got olympic silver I didn’t say Siasia is ready for eagles he waited till he gets the job to axe me ?

*Me and Apam begged him to take Kaita in the olympic team.He told us he wants to play Efe Ambrose there who is a centre back *The only reason me and Siasia fell out was over kits that were not enough cos they were on sale as the olympics were on going. Shame !

*A joke from the american team to us – damn brothers ! U ve been wearing this same cloths all the time men !!! ( Will give details later )

*Ok that childish thing about shirt aside. WBA needed me back 4 important game and Siasia refused to let me miss a midweek friendly game ? *Were is common sense there ? The game was played in a 80000 capacity stadium with 2000 spectators. That’s how important the game was !

*They can’t spoil my name !!! *That’s when I ask my self – do we not have a team captain and federation who can tell its common sense ? And settle the matter ? Na wow oh *Then they don’t invite Enyama our number one for a crucial qualifying game cos he complained about a flight or something little? Ridiculous

*Then SWAN sends a letter to NFF to warn me. (Sorry about that tweet didn’t mean it that way). But tell ur colleagues not to make up stories *The story is getting long and I don tire. I cared a lot about the team and wasn’t passive

*This might sound disrespectful but eagles had no good captain for many years. Everyone looking only after himself. *The only reason I write this is for the fans to know my reasons and position on few things and don’t think I don’t care or too proud

*After Afcon in Ghana eagles fans were satisfied with our performance and Siasia after the tournament said I will take u to the olympics *They sacked Berti Vogts after it though and just a month after that Coach Amodu took over! In his first game in charge I didn’t even warm up

*I had to holla at him and Amokachi his assistant and next games I played and man of the match in half games of the team that year *Whatin I do them self ? Hahahaha

*Nff member just called me. Ofcos got insulted. I told him I sang national anthem for ten years to be treated like this *That’s it on this. Story ended. No more talks about national team again. I ve said all I wanted. If will be tempted will go off twitter.

*A wise man advised me after 1st tweet that there r other ways to make someone look stupid. I am not interested in that. Just cleared maself *

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