SUP-Ah?! Slowmo Review – 08 (SUPER BOWL – Edition)

From a possible blowout (American-speak for a terribly one-sided sporting result) to an eventual blackout (Everyone from New Orleans to Timbuktu to Harare is familiar with this term because it is the universally accepted one for when someone turns out the lights), SUPER BOWL XLVII had it all…..and then some.  Throw in 2 short lived  “comebacks”, one against The Team Of DESTINY & the other by a collective Child of DESTINY, and we had the makings of a record-breaking SUPER BOWL.  In some regards it delivered on the promise, BUT did it eventually set a new viewership record, as I PUNT-icipated in the corresponding preview blog?  Short answer…..NO!  Early indications are that the average American TV viewership record of 111,3 million (SUPER BOWL XLVI – 2012) is still intact.  At a “mere” 108 million average viewers, this year’s SUPER BOWL unfortunately reversed a 4 year trend of an ever-increasing number of eyeballs that focused on Football’s biggest game (American footy that is).  Globally though, a purported 160 million people watched the Greatest show on Earth & if you were one of them, hopefully you will have also shared in my excitement for the reasons expressed below.

SUP-Ah?! Bowl – PUNt

  • Baltimore Ravens -v- San Francisco 49ers   (my PUNt = narrow VICTORY for the RAVENS (by no more than 3))
  • It’s just after half time and just as we are all catching our collective breath Jacoby “the return man” Jones returns the kickoff PUNt for a sensational, SUPER BOWL record 109 yard touch down!!  Ravens lead 28-6, and all of a sudden the match that had been billed by many as too close to call was looking like anything BUT that!  It was over as a contest…..right?…..Wrong!  As the Super Dome was plunged into semi darkness it presented the 49ers with an opportunity to flip a switch and as soon as lights came back on, so did the 49ers chances!
  • If the 1st half belonged to the Ravens, the latter half was owned by the 49ers as they drove their way back to within 2 points at one stage.  Having entered the record books for all the wrong reasons (by throwing the 1st ever SUPER BOWL interception by a 49ers QB)  Kaepernick got his groove back and even managed to put in a more acceptable feat in the record books (his 15 yard touchdown run is now a SUPER BOWL record for the Longest touchdown run by a QB)
  • So as the game wore on the 49ers took themselves from the brink of humiliation to the brink of an “improbable” victory.  5 yards to history and as much as they huffed and puffed they just could not blow that Ravens defence down.  The Ravens dug deep and held on (a little bit too much for John Harbaugh) to an eventual 34-31 SUPER BOWL VICTORY!  And yes it did not escape my attention that they stuck to the PUNt by winning “by no more than 3”!
  • SUPER BOWL XLVII indeed had it all, and then some.  Flacco stayed perfect throughout the post season, and he will soon have a new contract that may be just as perfect.  Ray Lewis’ “last ride” will now run through the White House.  He has managed to leave a beaming grin on all Ravens who became RAY-fans and appreciated the fact that the final RAY-volution was televised!  And for those that are glad to see the back of him after a 17 year career, even they have to give him his props coz you may not like it…..BUT the dude has just put another SUPER BOWL ring on it! ….

Madzibaba ray lewis

  • SUP-Ah?! – Quick PUNts
  • Manchester City -v- Liverpool (EPL) = I PUNted (A SCORE DRAW!) … My (Manchester United supporting) cousin gave me a ring to enquire whether my PUNt was driven by facts or sentiment?  Having assured her that these were the sorts of fixtures that were the most difficult for me to PUNt, I sat back into my most neutral position & enjoyed the thrilling encounter as it unfolded into an eventual 2-ALL DRAW!!  The supporting FACTS in my PUNt may have seemed contrary to the actual PUNt, BUT therein lies part of the beauty of sport.  It’s unpredictable nature.  And when you do manage to predict it, you usually get a follow-up text message from your aforementioned cousin, just to give you props!
  • I am not sure I want to predict Pepe Reina’s Liverpool after he made another entry onto his growing blooper reel,  BUT surely after 8 errors leading directly to goals in the Premier League since the start of last season, even he must be seriously contemplating walking away from Anfield…… ALONE!!
  • Bayer Leverkusen -v- Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga) = I PUNted (A MULTI SCORING AFFAIR FOR BOTH TEAMS RESULTING IN A WIN FOR DORTMUND!) Leverkusen scored twice & their opponents hit back with their own multiple goal haul to leapfrog Leverkusen into 2nd place,courtesy of a 3-2 AWAY WIN for DORTMUND!

SUP-Aaaargh!! – QUICK PUNt

  • Cote D’Ivoire -v- Nigeria (AFCoN) = I PUNted (A WIN FOR THE ELEPHANTS!)….BUT that was not all.  I also stated that..“…. I will be really shocked if Nigeria do anything to counter my PUNt..”  So a 2-1 WIN for NIGERIA later, and I must confess that I am still in shock!  This was more than just a Quarter Final result, it signalled the end of The Elephants’ golden generation’s chances of winning anything.  It was also the result that ensured that unlike Joe Flacco, I would not have a PUNt perfect Sunday.  It was a grounding dose of reality, which was needed after some proclamations of being an “oracle”, were made by a suitably impressed cousin.  So I PUNt on in full gratitude that I did not develop the BIG EGOoooo that Drogba et al will sure testify, can be detrimental.

HEZV-Oh-oh-oooh-oh-oh-oooh-oh-oh-oooh-oh-oh-OooH-M.G!! Moment!

  • The RBS 6 Nations Rugby tournament kicked off over the weekend and it would have taken a really brave, if not stupid, man to predict that France would fail to beat Italy in Italy.  BUT they did.  And like Scotland did last season (via a shock 13-6 defeat) the French will have to find a way to live the repercussions of Le’Cock-up that led to the resultant 23-18 Italian Job!

PUNisher of the Week!!

  • Career best figures of 11 for 60 in the 1st test helped the Proteas crush Pakistan by 211 runs.  Those figures did not flatter Dale Steyn by any means as he continued to rip apart opposing batting line-ups with the same level of intensity and ruthless precision that he imposes on the record books.  BUT as impressive as all that was it has to take a bit of a back seat in the pavilion to allow Dale’s new identity as the STEYN Remover, to run in.

PUNk of the Week!!

  • The term PUNk may be one that carries an ambiguous definition at times,  BUT for the purposes of this blog the term PUNk will be used to refer to any individual(s) whose actions are so inexplicably unwarranted they beggar belief.  Case in point, Goran Popov choosing to spit at Tottenham Hotspur’s Kyle Walker.  He was duly sent off and the 10 men Baggies eventually lost 1-Nil.  So hopefully that helps to clarify the definition,  BUT in case you need a visual aid of a PUNk, well here is a Spitting Image!

The Spitting image of a PUNk


#Mark-Oh-Row-Coat-Oh! / Congratulations! to those who have earned it.  Without much certainty of how many of you I convinced to tick off watching the SUPER BOWL from your Bucket Lists, I hope that the ones I managed to convert got enough reasons to do it again next year.  BUT on the odd chance that your 1st SUPER BOWL experience was more of a SUPER BORE, then eish, all I can ask as always is that you graciously pardonthePUN-dit.

Until the next PUNt, be GR8!!

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