Knight of The Round(ball) Fable

SAF Zvibhakera….and whoop there it is…. An era in football will end as Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson “The Dark Knight” finally unplugs and hangs up the Hair-Dryer! Perhaps, In terms of English League Titles, 13 is indeed “unlucky” for some…. BUT the impact and influence of the man will NOT only be measurable by the size of his trophy cabinet. Stock Markets will acknowledge his presence & he will continue to be “sat on top of the perch” of ALL media platforms (social & anti-social), as tributes debates and disses rage ON-ON-ON!!… The yard stick is finally there, not many will ever be able to say at the end of their careers that they really have indeed …. #BeenThereDoneALL-ThatGotTheTrophiesTheStand&TheSwaggedUpStatueThatInspiredALL-TheT’Shirts!!!

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4 Comments on “Knight of The Round(ball) Fable”

  1. John M Says:

    Well my money is on Moyes..he can deliver considering what he has achieved with a team like Everton not different from Wigan or Sunderland he has done a lot and deserves the top job at OT.. The new boss will be under SAF and I don’t think Jose will be the best person for the role…..

    ****Scoop Schoombie****

    • let the short wait begin…. any prolonged silence on SAF’s successor will further weaken the club’s share price which opened %5 lower… making SAF … “The $148million Man”

  2. John M Says:

    What a big loss to the game we all love….and a team we all love…. timing could not have been better though and SAF as Director of football he is still around….
    Big question will Moyes take over or is it the “special one”

    • Big loss indeed. . . he ends it at the top….. in the comforting knowledge that he knocked Liverpool off their perch… and snatched back the League title from the noisy neighbours… As for his successor… from a philosophy point of view it would appear David Moyes is a better fit, he has a proven track record of bringing players through the ranks and peppering that with a fewgood acquisitions (which to be fair have been handicappped by a very shallow pocket)…. Mourinho is brilliant as a winner… BUT longevity in any one team is yet to be proven by him… along with determining whether he can actually build a team… so it would appear a mash-up of both these guys would make the ideal replacement…BUT that in itself just goes to show how great SAF has been… he will NEVER be replaced…. a different era just has to begin

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