To Wimble on or Not to Wimble on? (1)

This is being posted retrospectively BUT only because the witty status updates that my friends inspired really deserved to be preserved beyond the archives of FaceBook.

You can’t see me, coz I’ve crashed out!

So I said
“1st I wondered whether it was too premature to enquire whether #RumeRAFA?…. when Nadal was dumped out in the 1st round…. But now that Roger has followed him in a second round shock exit…. all I can say as I pick my Jaw off the ground is…. maybe Roger is now a #FeDHARA!!”

Then he said….
“Sharapova is also out”
So I said
“Hezv-OH say it aint so boet…. you mean Maria’s Wimbledon is also #(sharap)OVER!!?”

…and …“And we will also noLONGA have Jo Wilfried TSONGA!!?? what a day of shocks!!”

….plus… “And then World number 2 Azarenka retires due to injury just as Nadal’s slayer …. along with Wozniacki and Cillic….. This has left it wide open for some no-name brands to reach centre court….BUT surely we can’t see past Serena….Murray and Novak to be champions now…..and it would be a down right DJOKe if they got injured too….!!”

A barrage of witty responses were added to the fray by more friends & at this point I would ordinarily have closed the case. BUT then … she said…
“Hey Simbaneuta !!!! Update on Wimbledon please! Wont even bother checking on S***r S***t (identity of mentioned broadcaster has been withheld in order to avoid possible future awkwardness that may arise should the opportunity to work with them ever arises) because you are so much better at it!”

And so I thought (with my head slightly swelling) …. aaaah well let’s see how much more can be churned out from the grass courts of SW19.
Be on the lookout for some random quick posts that will be inspired by Wimbledon 2013, and only because some dear friends asked for it…. yeah right!

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