To Wimble on or NOT to Wimble on? (2)

Floored BUT not Eliminated!

If you are expecting another tennis update containing gruesome details of mass top-seed genocide from SW19, …. STOP READING THIS NOW! ….

…..Okay then, looks like you want the not so obvious update on what (rather than WHO) went down on the pristine well manicured grass courts of pro tennis’ most prestigious Grand Slam.

The Grim-Reaper did not follow through on his mass-top-seed-culling swing on Thursday, as a semblance of normal transmission returned to the tournament.

Charging on

Novak Djokovic beat Bobby Reynolds 7-6 6-3 6-; Serena Williams produced a 6-3 6-2 win over Caroline Garcia as they both WIMBLED on to join Andy Murray in the 3rd round.






Andy Murray headlines today’s action, no doubt hoping that the Grim-Reaper stays on sabbatical so that he can overcome the 32nd seeded Spaniard, Robredo.

Making sure he does NOT go down!

So “To Wimble on or NOT to WImble on?” that remains the question. Catch the next post to find out who will have WIMBLED on!


NB*CLICK HERE & read the preceding POST(S) to catch up on what got us here.

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