To Wimble on or NOT to Wimble on? (3)

Yup just like the caption says “this weekend NO ONE DIED”…. BUT just as we were about to announce that the GRIM REAPER had prematurely hung up his scythe in favour of a more surreptitious (but still deadly) lawn mower, the grimly hooded one struck again at SW19!!

It took one vicious back-hand swish of his scythe to add another high ranking seed to this season’s stunning pile of shame!!  6-2 ; 1-6 ; 6-4 is the score-line by which the latest victim met her chilling fate.  And just like that the World number 1, Defending Champion and overwhelming favourite to retain it (based on a 34 match unbeaten run) was exiting stage left, no doubt with a LI(SICK)I-ening feeling!

Fans continue to shake their heads in disbelief.  Some console themselves in the fact that they resisted the urge to sell their possessions to fulfil a bucket list dream of being on centre court (and mutter not-so-quietly how they would have been sitting there wondering which no-name-brand player to support).

Others are still not convinced that this is all above board and have commissioned forensic audits, at personal expense, to get to the bottom of this WIMBLE-Doom! that has left a nasty grass stain that is sure to leave an very stubborn & unwanted mark.

So with no defending Men’s or Ladies’ Champion left on the roster one wonders if there is anything that is yet to happen that may inspire the rest of us to defend a tournament that has now seen even Serena Williams….. failing to WIMBLE ON!














Click here and also here if you are brave enough to see the details of Grim Reaper’s body count from Wimbledon 2013!



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