Putting MESSI in his place

“To say Messi cant be judged only by winning the world cup is like saying you are considered the best tennis player without winning a
grandslam..that logic is absurd its ridiculous…All the football
greats…Pele, Zidane Maradona etc won the greatest footballing show piece…”

That (above) is a Facebook post that prompted me to quickly PUNt back the following response:-

  • Has Messi been a reference point to mark the generation in which he played football? – YES!
  •  Has he managed to achieve things that other footballers, who were GREAT enough to mark their respective generations, failed to do? – YES!
  • Has he performed consistently enough to shake off any concerns that he could be a “one season wonder”? – YES!
  • Does he need to WIN a world cup to cement his GREATness? – NO! (I think he only needs to dominate a World Cup Tournament that will be forever remembered as “The Messi WC”, even if he does not win it. Because he could still win it but if he has played rubbish then the plaudits will always go to someone deserving.
  • Has he done enough in his career to warrant being labelled the GTREATest of ALL TIME…? – NO ..t yet (If Vinnie Jones came out of retirement to end Messi’s career now, I am sure his place in History will still be up for debate.
  • Is a WC medal the ONLY way to be guaranteed of greatness ?? – NO!!! (otherwise Navas, Kleberson, Totti, Karembeu & Leonado would put their hands up)

“Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” -William Shakespeare

So where does Messi stand for you?  Is the “false #9” perhaps also a “false living legend?”, or is his place in footy history already secured…. as the Greatest Of All Time?

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2 Comments on “Putting MESSI in his place”

  1. Ticha P Says:

    GOAT will always be a problem for both Messi and Cristiano until and unless they win WC. Johan Cruyff is seen as one of greatest players to change and influence the game but never won. The Dutch did get to two finals though…

    • I hear you. But I still feel that they could still add to their cause by not necessarily winning the WC BUT just a dominant performance where people see that they did ALL they could but win it. If they can exit at the FINAL stage and loose to a much better side, having played their heart out… then I will gladly re-consider…
      If they do, however, go on to win it then it would certainly appease a few… (though I suspect that the winners medal count could then creep in for some).
      I think it’s the whole Jordan vs Kobe vs LeBron issue… LeBron won’t be taken seriously by some until he wins at least 4 rings… Kobe is one ring away but still considered inferior coz SHAQ dominated the 1st 3 ring attaining campaigns, while MJ dominated every Ring winning FINALS SERIES he played in ( count em SIX)!

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