The (red)DEVIL is in the details

Question to Man United fans: if in a perfect world we win the Champions League and we finished  bottom half of the table..will you accept that??? – Farai Muratu (on SportsLine)

That (above) is yet another Facebook post that prompted me to quickly PUNt back the following response:-

That should be a No brainer ….!!  BIG FAT YES!  And here’s why?

  1. Trophy in the cabinet (which would be Moyes’ 1st trophy, unless the League or FA Cup(s) will have been secured earlier.  This would get the HUGE monkey of DM’s back).
  2. Manchester United would be assured of UCL footy next season as defending champs (if present rules are maintained).
  3. Their “qualification” as UCL Champions would allow them to deny whoever finishes 4th in the EPL (and was probably dissing The Old Trafford faithful along the way) a chance at UCL football.  Relegating them to the EUROPA League that some Champions “opt” to rather NOT defend.
  4. Team finishing 3rd (who probably were also laughing at Manchester United) would then also have to play Champions League pre-qualifying games just coz Man Utd would go straight into group stages.
  5. United’s transfer window targets would probably have greater incentive to sign for Not ONLY Man UTD the Champions of Europe, BUT also for David Moyes, UCL winning Manager (whose individual stock would have risen, with the added advantage of possibly being allowed the opportunity to maximise on it, unlike a certain Double [UCL & FA Cup] Winning manager who was pushed off “the Bridge” into oblivion).
  6. Man Utd would have a semi exclusive shot at competing for at least one other important trophy = UEFA Super Cup, & would also have a shot at the FIFA World Club Title.

So to those who believe that United’s chances at retaining their EPL trophy are now gone, owing to being 8 points adrift so early in the season, would a splendid UCL Winning run compensate for a worst ever EPL finish?  And what an achievement it would be if DM did it with a team that (by his admission) is lacking in world class players.

Between a Rock & a (perhaps not so) Hard place.

Kindly PUNt back a Reply in the slot below.

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2 Comments on “The (red)DEVIL is in the details”

  1. Mandla Says:

    Well I know you called on Man Utd fans to comment, so please excuse me as I butt in…(for the record I’m an Arsenal fan & no I’m not going to rub anything in amyone’s face) I think to rule anyone out of the league this early on is foolish talk… If you look at the fixture list 8 games in: Man Utd has played the top half of the table (with maybe 1 exception), Arsenal has played the bottom half of the table (with maybe 1 exception). Top 6 teams, Man U has played 4, Arsenal 1… So I wouldnt say Man Utd fans should throw their toys out the cot yet there are still 30 games to go. The cup with the big ears is most desireable, but the league is not yet out of you reach, a couple of seasons back a 16 point deficit in December was overhauled sure Sir Alex was in charge, but if it’s been done before it can be done again

    • And it’s because of such astute observations that I have always respected the Banter between us. TRUE that United’s first 8 matches have been against top teams (either pedigree-wise[Liverpool, Chelsea, Citeh]) or position wise [throw Southampton in there]. I have heard many people saying that in the past decade or so… no team has lost more than 4 matches & still gone on to win the EPL. So from a pure stats point of view United are now left with one more loss to stay on pace. What that stat fails to address is the unique fixture list that United have had to face. Ordinarily those 3 defeats could still have been spread over 24 matches and not the 1st 8, so now the next 16 matches need an amazing run (like last season’s record 25 match unbeaten stretch) to keep things interesting….
      The other point is that IF ManUtd manage that sort of run they will also benfit from the dropped points that will come from all the matches that their rivals are still to play against each other.
      So while it’s a BIG IF… there is still more than a glimmer of hope… I seem to remember seein some post by a certain team about how they went on a 1 defeat in 22 matches run(since last season)!
      IF it happens…. We will be there to PUNt it, with eyes WIDE open…. (like OZIL)

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