The constantly deepening NIGHTMARE of “Being UNITED”

Trolling through FB (urrrrrm that’s Face Book and NOT Full Back, for those that might be Justifiably confused) again, I found the latest salvo of calls for Moyes head to roll (probably being kicked by his close to lifeless body AWAY FROM OLD TRAFFORD!!)

A FB “friend” @Chipo Regina Mudzudzu (who had, a mere 6 hours earlier, publicly castigated herself for even bothering to stay up to watch a whole 2 HOURS of Manchester United’s latest NIGHTMARE, at The THEATRE (of visiting teams) DREAMS no less) had posted this….

“I woke up to watch Sky Sports news at 6am hoping to see breaking news that David Moyes has been sacked!! Lets see what happens by day end….”

To which a certain Mr @Richard Harrison commented thus,

“Mamoyo (which is just one of many derivatives of Moyes names courtesy of an unforgiving Zimbabwean footy fraternity) is a fool for taking that job. Fergy set him up. That team was long gone before fergy limped to the end of the season and picked up a trophy only because city messed up. That team last season was rubbish only winning the league because city players did not get on with their manager. Fergy was lucky to win and the pressure on for the next manager to carry on winning but fergy new very well the team needed changing…”

Now everybody has on opinion on what should happen at Old Trafford, allow me to share my 2 cents worth (which incidentally is my commission for wishing through the pending MATA move….).  As inspired by the FB posts above.

….. give Richard Harrison a BELLS … or whatever it is Scousers drink….
While it hurts, the reality is Not many people (Man UTD supporters included) really ranked last season’s “CHAMP20NS” team highly .. even when they were going on that loooooooooooooong unbeaten run, conjuring shades of the “CLASS of 98” not many were convinced….

AND therein lies the genius of SAF, Managing A groups of players to a point waaay beyond their individual worth…
A simple test of pedigree would be to put the WHOLE team up for sale, and we will grade the players according to the clubs that come after them…. (ANDERSON is FINALLY gone – albeit on loan!! To FIO-rentina!!) nuff said.
MOYES has to shoulder some blame BUT certainly NOT ALL!! He was berated for even suggesting that THE team “needed 4-5 WORLD CLASS PLAYERS” and now as UNITED try to sign them ALL in January, it has become MORE APPARENT!!  It is the end of an era… Better they face it in such calamitous circumstances NOW, than to keep papering over the cracks that started emerging during FERGIE’s reign, and widened to the point of needing SCHOLESY to stop withdrawing his Pension for one more short (AND YET EFFECTIVE) stint in midfield.  The FACT (sorry to bring you into this Gaffer Rafa, continue chuckling away) that he still DOMINATED that area more than any other Fully Contracted midfielder says it even more LOUDLY… MANCHESTER UNTED NEED QUALITY!!
UNITED IS NOW DOMINATED BY SQUAD PLAYERS!! Only Fergie can succeed with such…. And I fully agree with @Richard Harrison that the CHAMP20NS benefited from Citeh’s Shenanigans… If, by the most unbelievable stretch of the imagination, were 11 points better than last season’s Citeh SQUAD then they did not do themselves any favours by not consolidating that imaginary gap in CLASS by adding MORE than Fellaini… While The Now Justifiably Noisier Neighbours recruited swiftly and impressively.
This was not helped by also having a rookie CEO coming in at the same time as Moyes, who was inexplicably allowed to stay at Everton Until JUNE!!  That left the new not-so-dynamic-DUO only 2 months to fumble through their first transfer market.
Clearly the higher-ups at MUFC over-estimated the pulling power of the post-Fergie Institution that is still MANCHESTER UNITED, as player after player turned their noses up at them.  It got to the point where even some bogey agents couldn’t cash in on UNITED’s clout….
Perhaps they should just take their medicine now and collectively get better….
Lessons will be learnt, unnecessary moola will be thrown at problems, and hopefully some of it will stick, and allow them to rise back to familiar levels.
And then, when Moyes has been given every opportunity to succeed, with “HIS” players, should he fail ….
Then aaaaah well,  even I will have no cause left to defend him…
So until then… everyONE should keep their head  and STAND UNITED, behind the CHOSEN ONE!!

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