First (Round) Impressions



Okay, so as much as ALL level-headed people will advise against reading too much into one performance, any attempts to reign in expectations appears to be in vein because because it really is difficult to hold your horses,  once they have bolted from the barn of reasonable expectation.  Allow me, therefore to stick closer to the madding crowd, as HARDY as that will be, and chime in with what impressions I gleaned from the English Premier League’s first round of fixtures.  Focusing on the teams that generated the most Hype and talking points as the opening exchanges unfolded.


Why the HYPE-horse had bolted

  • David Moyes has left the Theater and that alone was enough for most United fans to start Dreaming again.
  • The Chosen One was then replaced by Louis van Gaal, whose appointment immediately drew more football-reasonable comparisons with Fergie (The Seemingly Irreplaceable One) than Moyes could ever hope for (seeing as there was really not much else to go on beyond them both being Scots).  All of a sudden, even before LvG had conducted a single training session, things were looking UP!  Even the opening fixtures appeared more favourable than last season.
  • Then LvG led the Dutch team to an admirable, and somewhat unexpected, 3rd place in the FIFA WORLD CUP and expectations of his ability to make an average team punch above its weight grew even more.  That glee became mostly uncontainable as the results from the pre-season tour of the USA rolled in, with some Real champions all falling by the ways side.  UNITED WERE BACK!! ….. Really?

Don’t believe the HYPE because …

UNITED ARE NOT REALLY BACK!  And the result against Swansea wasn’t even necessary to prove the point, because …..

Most of the problems that plagued them last season still remain…. and some have deepened.  LvG has brought some positivity to Old Trafford, BUT that will only get you so far.  Enhanced confidence will not:

  • Make up for the lack of quality that was/is apparent in the positions between De Gea and Juan Mata.
  • Replace the experience lost in the departures of Rio, Evra and Vidic.
  • Close the gap that is continually widening with each purchase that the real contenders make, as Ed Woodward gets tips on how to do his job by flipping through re-runs of The Closer… (while another transfer window ….. closes).

That being said though, there is also no need yet to create, or believe any hype that would suggest that on the strength/weakness of Man Utd’s opening defeat to The Swans, they will be just as bad as last season.  Even if the fact that that result, in providing another Moyes-special-type Old-Trafford-first, makes it oh so tempting.

For now, allow me to pause right here…. we still have The Top Four’s opening bows to evaluate, so please hang about till then.  BUT should you grow in impatience in the mean time, please #pardonthePUN-dit ….. the next installment won’t be too long in coming.


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2 Comments on “First (Round) Impressions”

  1. chiporegina Says:

    Ed Woodward should depart from the theater of dreams cause his dreams are not big enough for such a big club..GGMU!!

    • hihihi @ChipoRegina I see you have been hanging out with United’s new captain… that is a line from his archives #MismatchedAmbition.
      Tick-tock Woody’s head’s on the block…

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