ZIMBABWEANS (especially their cricketers) ARE THE NICEST PEOPLE!

So in summary Zimbabwe’s bowling efforts vs the West INDIANS proved that…..
we were good with the 1st TWO and LAST deliveries!! And then woeful with the 300+ (including 16 wides & 5 NO Balls!!) deliveries in between…

I think we should put a STOP to this well intended notion of making Zimbabwean Sporting Teams Tourism ambassadors …!!
They clearly take their roles too seriously at times and become waaaaaaay too HOSPITABLE!  Whilst the Aussies are infamous for their hostile sledging (which thankfully doesn’t get caught on the stump mikes), I wonder what conversations were going on in the middle during this 2015 Cricket World Cup Blitz.

“Here you are Mr Samuels, why don’t you help yourself to a career best ODI score of 133?”
“Oh BUT of course Mr Gayle, you too can have what he’s having. In fact let us make yours a double hundred BEST ever personal score for that matter, how does 215 sound?”

“You know what, you two have been ever so kind helping us to keep fit with all this running around to the boundaries, we have decided to “help” you achieve the HIGHEST EVER PARTNERSHIP IN AN ODI (372 RUNS)!!!
You really made the most of everything we delivered with very little wastage.”

“We really hope you have enjoyed this innings and that you will be back for more.  Remember always that ZIMBABWE is best for making memories.  #HaveYourNextMilestoneOnUS!!”

Now if only we sent them out as a special wing of our Armed Forces, surely even the toss would be well contested.  What this world needs is a Hospitality and Tourism World Cup!!

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