Picture-PUN-fect (Toothless in Attack)

Messi - BurnerBow

A lot of Classicos have come and gone and much history has been made in them, this will surely continue BUT I dare say if ever there was an ICONIC moment that will stand the test of time and immediately reference itself to a Classico, this one will be hard to beat. In recent memory Ronaldinho has received a standing ovation from the Madridistas, but even then, one needs to watch video footage to fully appreciate that moment. So whilst Leo’s performance may arguably not be the greatest ever one in a Classico, nor his two well executed goals be ranked as the greatest ones; BUT every time that image is shown it will surely perfectly encapsulate that Classico.  And if indeed a picture is worth a thousand words then this one will certainly have the following ones in its subtext:-
And the following will surely be added to them should Barca go on to win this La Liga title:-
In that eventuality the legend of this Iconic image will certainly grow as it could then be appreciated in the broader context of not only marking a Classico and Leo’s personal milestone, BUT more shudderingly for Madridistas, BUT the moment they saw the back of Messi as he exited the Bernabeu with the Title.

Messi will surely crack a grin in that moment, which may have come last night, had Marcelo’s elbow not rendered that a toothless option.

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