Picture-PUN-fect – (BarceLONER)

I am not here to “PIQUE-fight” BUT Ooooooh what difference a MONTH makes!! And Gerard certainly knows it.  Things have moved swiftly from making a seemingly FINAL social media proclamation on Neymar’s Barca status, to now being the butt of jokes from within his own hurt-locker-room.  It has taken a world record fee and much posturing to get here, BUT it is good to see that finally someone can see the lighter side in all of the acrimony …. or should that be acriMONEY.   Hopefully Messi’s stance will be the tone that the Barca board and Neymar’s reps will soon adopt.  BUT then again ending a relationship is never easy…. Because as Pique soon find out…. you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone…




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2 Comments on “Picture-PUN-fect – (BarceLONER)”

  1. Elton Phiri Says:

    Messiless pundit, uNEYMARnyemwe

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